Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Was I really that annoying?

Well then. It's been at least 3 years since I've seen this blog and all I can say is why did nobody ever tell me how annoying I was? I'm serious, I can't believe I used to talk in text type (2 kool 4 u). A sincere apology to anybody who's read this piece of trash.
Anyway, yes, it has been about 3 years since I've seen this poor excuse of a blog. I'll be 16 in just under 2 weeks (unfortunately). A lot has happened in 3 years. I've gotten over my obsession with Avril Lavigne, especially after her Hello Kitty video, and I don't have a stupid crush on Lucas Cruikshank especially now that he's come out. Good on him by the way.
These days I'm a pasty, unsocial slob. Or at least I like to think I am. I have friends who I never see outside of school, a part time job at mcdonalds and a stupid obsession with anime.
On the topic of anime, I think I've finally found my place in this world as an otaku, and it's about time too. It all started with a little slice of life anime by the name of Clannad. Clannad was originally a visual novel created by Key, a studio who's famous for other fantastic visual novels (which I've never played) such as Air, Kanon, Rewrite and a few others. It was adapted to an anime by Kyoto Animation, an animation studio who are famous for creating such masterpieces as Full Metal Panic, Inuyasha and of course, the Key and Kyoto Animation holy trinity consisting of Air, Kanon 2006 and Clannad.
The holy trinity have become some of my favorite animes ever, Clannad standing at the summit of my top 10 favorite anime list. These three special animes, while being marginally different in some aspects are also very similar with each anime sharing art styles, characters with great amounts of moe and scenes which make you want to curl up into a ball on your bed with a mountain of chocolate and a cute guy stroking your hair telling you that it's all going to be okay, even when it's not.
I'm being serious, Kanon and Air may have made me tear up on some occasions but Clannad is the only anime out there which has made me openly bawl my eyes out. It's one of the best, if not THE best romance out there and I don't think that anybody would be able to find another romance out there which could top it.
one of the greatest romances in existence
Even if anime isn't your cup of tea, if you enjoy dramatic, cute, slice-of-life stories with mild amounts of fantasy implemented in them, I'd recommend to give any of these three a go. No, they are not perfect. The only perfect anime I've seen is Fullmetal Alchemist (my opinion) and that is one anime which is not for the faint of heart. But even so, I love these animes and they have all changed my outlook on life greatly.

Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm back! Or am I?

Ok! I'm back again!..... and I now sww that the videos didn't work..... But I'm 13 years old now and I have a new blog. Please check it out as http://whatimtryingtodowithmysparetime.blogspot.com
I know it's got a wierd name but It's focused on stuff that I'm trying to do with my spare time and getting to know different people from all over! so I'm sorry to say that I'm saying goodbye to this blog. I would like to thank everybody for supporting me with this blog and I hope you like my new one just as much!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hey again! Check out video number 2!

Monday, August 30, 2010

My first Blogger Video!

Hey guys! this is my very first video! Check it out!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More New Stuff!

Hey again! It's me! (of corse!) I'm thinking of making some changes to my blog, like, I might turn my blog into a video blog! (if only I knew how to!) Anyway, today has been pretty hectic. I had 2 go 2 one of my sister's friends party. It was ok, actually, it was quite fun! We went to a park which you could locate through the back of the shed. There was a big lake and I usually went back and forward getting chips and biscuits for the ducks. (or really I should say seagulls!) Me and a few others kept getting soft drinks from the fridge and shaking them up, so we made them into bombs. Everyone got really sticky afterwards. But it was really fun! Anyway, I can't belive that I have 2 go 2 skool 2morro! This weekend's gone pretty fast! I really like my new skool. I've made loads of new friends, and the work is super easy! I really like my maths teacher! he gives out free mints. anyway I'd better go now, so I'll talk 2 u 2morro. I might even try 2 get a video up!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cool guys! (and gals!)

Hey again! I've decided I'm gonna get back in2 my blog again! There's soooooooooooooo many new things that I wanna talk 2 u guys about, but I guess I'll talk about them in my next few posts. Just so you know, I'm 12 now and I've got a heap on new interests. I've made a few new celebrity crushes (don't worry, I don't mean girls!) like the youtube sensation, fred figglehorn! (the guy on the left) if you don't know who he is, look him up on youtube! He's soooooooooo cute! but parents beware! He's known as the over hyper supposedly 6 year old with a voice that sounds like alvin and the chipmunks! But still..... What teenager wouldin't love him? And last of all, I wanna talk about Avril Lavigne. She's truly an inspirational girl. She's mad e some amazing songs, like her song alice which was featured in the new alice and wonderland film! look her up on youtube because she's an amazing woman. And Avril, if you're reading this post, can you PLEASE send me a message? K bye!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hey guys!

Hey guys! what's up? I haven't talked 2 u in ages! Things have really changed 4 me! I still breed budgies, but now we have 2 guinnea pigs and a cockatiel which is the picture on the right. His name is Louie and he's only 4 months old. I've also moved 2 ocean veiw college because I didn't like my old school, so I go 2 the same skool as my big sister, Nikki. I've become a massive fan of Avril Lavigne now! For those of u who don't know who Avril Lavigne is, LOOK HER UP!!!! I just LOVE Avril Lavigne! She truly inspires me. and someday, I'm gonna meet her. I SWER I WILL! anyway..... I don't really have much else 2 talk about so I'll talk 2 u guys 2morro!